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If you have recently made an insurance claim and your insurance company has asked you to obtain estimates from local companies, we will be pleased to visit, at a time convenient to you and once reviewed the extent of damage, or otherwise, provide you with a quotation within [3 days of our visit].

We provide free estimates to carry insurance repairs and restoration work for both domestic and commercial properties and are expert in the correct repair of buildings and fixtures damaged by fire, flood, water leaks, subsidence, storm or accidental damage.

Contrast Limited work with major insurance companies around the UK and have extensive knowledge and expertise of the process involved. With skilled site management and expert tradesmen, we deliver excellent workmanship and keep you fully informed as we restore your property to its original condition.

Policy Holder – FAQ

Q: Do I have to use the Insurance Company’s own repair contractors?

A: NO, this is a myth, if you favour using your own contractors then tell your insurance company of your intentions, they will probably request that you get two quotes. You have a legal right to use your own Contractor. Contrast Limited is experienced specialist insurance repair contractors and will guide you through the process.

Q: My Insurance Company has appointed a loss adjuster to my claim, what does this mean to me?

A: This will mean that the cost of repair has exceeded or is likely to exceed a set figure. The insurance company’s loss adjuster will want to visit your home and ascertain the claim validity, and set out a scope of works with us. We will liaise with the loss adjustor and discuss the building works planned to ensure your property receives its full entitlement for reinstatement to pre-loss condition. In the event of a dispute, we will engage the services of professional surveyors, structural engineers and architects, experienced in the insurance repair field, on your behalf to ensure the works required are undertaken within the claim.

Q: At what stage of my claim should I instruct Contrast Limited

A: Ideally, at the start of your claim, which is precisely the time when your insurers will instruct a Loss Adjuster to act on their behalf and look after the insurers best interests.

Q: What will you charge me?

We work on handling the claim for free through your insurance company, who will pay us either direct for the building works or will instruct you otherwise. With the exception of any excess you may have stipulated or applied to your insurance contract, all other payment for works carried out will be settled by the insurance company to Contrast Limited.

Q: How long will my claim take to settle?

A: Each claim differs and unfortunately, no one will be able to give you a specific dead-line date. The majority of claims are settled within a few weeks, but the more complicated claims can take longer. In any event, Contrast will be on-hand to help you along the way and advise accordingly.

Q: What if I need the services of an Architect or Surveyor?

We work with firms experienced in insurance claims and will recommend experts or the Loss Adjuster may suggest their own. Either way, their fees are paid by your insurers.

Q: If I decided to have additional works carried out unrelated to the insurance claim, would you be able to do that at the same time?

A: Often, this is the case as many people feel, whilst they have the inconvenience of disruption to their home. In these circumstances, we will provide you with an estimate of the uninsured work and if you decide to proceed with additional, unrelated works, would ask you to sign an appointment and mandate form so that we can go ahead as instructed. Payment for additional works will be made by you, as agreed between us.

Q: Is your work guaranteed?

A: Of course. We realise the importance of ensuring the quality of works undertaken are to exact specifications and requirements, in order to return your home to its former glory and our works are guaranteed for [10 years] as your confidence in our professionalism and quality.

Q: What areas do you cover

A: With offices based in Essex and Birmingham, we can cover claims across the UK. Please enquire below for any claims and or other questions you may have concerning a claim or geographical area.

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